Buying a Financial Advisory Practice

An acquisition is the quickest way to grow your business. Finding a business can be difficult and time consuming. Advisor Successions offers the tools and advice necessary to make the process as quick and rewarding as possible, for those looking at buying a financial advisory practice.


Exclusivity Program

Buyers to seller ratios are disproportionately high, but with exclusivity you will be given the first opportunity to get in on practices in your immediate trade area.  This can give you a competitive advantage when Buying a Financial Advisory Practice.

Benefits Include

  • Front line access to sellers in your trade area

  • Ability to customize your territory by county through our enhanced concierge service

  • Opportunity to pursue practices before market place members and general public

  • Access to one-on-one consulting designed to help members reach financial and business goals

  • We can convey your individual value to potential sellers, while offering a third party perspective

  • Focused marketing campaigns

  • Transactional support from beginning to end

  • Personalized campaigns providing service and coaching

  • Exclusive access to top Baron’s Top 100 advisor to facilitate deal structuring

Focused Marketing Campaigns Includes…

  • Practice specific webinars
  • Utilization of telemarketing experts and additional search firms
  • Monthly email blasts
  • White papers
  • Focused Linkedin and marketing campaigns
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